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Sunday April 19, 2020

Morning Worship Service

11:00 am

Sunday April 5, 2020 

Morning Worship Service

  11:00 am

Morning Worship Service

March 29, 2020  11:00 am

Our Mission

  Antioch Church Ministries’ mission is to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom throughout the world and to prepare people for Christian service by gathering the harvest, empowering the harvest, and launching the harvest so believers can live independent of this world’s system and have dominion over it. This is accomplished through the acronym, BBTS. -Bring Them -Build Them -Train Them -Send Them

"Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest."

– Matthew 9:38

Our Core Values









Our Covenant

We, the members of the body of Christ, give ourselves totally in worship to you, Oh Lord. We want to hear from you, embrace you, and know you that we may complete your will for our lives. We seek to be in your presence so we can have a Christ-Centered approach to living. Therefore, we are becoming Empowered Disciples- confident and capable in everything we do for the Kingdom of God.

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